Standing at the edge of swamp staring with fear and awe

At black waters between thick rows of reed

Little girl in rubber boots.

-Don’t ever go in there, it’s dangerous  – says het uncle

You know people have drowned there.

Really? Little girl looks at him in shock.

Sure, last year a drunk lost his life here

Sucked down deep in the mud, could not move till it killed him.

Come on, let’s go – uncle pulls het hand.

Reluctantly,  little girl follows him on their way back to the village.

Then she turns her head for the last time.

The swamp with thick rows of reed

Crows flying high above tree tops.

Cracking ominously and with contempt:


What are you doing here, little girl?

Go away! Escape the temptation of black waters and swampy mud

Save your soul, save your soul!

Little girl awakens as if from a dream.

She hurries back to the sunny path where her uncle is waiting.

  • Come on let’s go it’s dinner time.

Hand in hand they walk on the sunny side.


Over Agnieszka

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