After each school holiday as the kids come back to their daily routine parents go through the usual ritual: head checking. Are there any unwanted guests nestig in their offspring locks?

I had no idea that this problem can be so stubborn.   After the first time we had an invasion of little creatures (after autumn break) which was over in several weeks I thought: yes! Gone forever.

Lice seem to have become resistant to chemical treatments and as I was told the only thing that works is combing. Every day for at leasts 20 minutes, twice day.

My sons hated it but I was determined to get rid of the plague.

And we did!

Only, the little creatues came back after the next holiday….

If you believe internet it says that having lice in your hair is not a big deal, that practically all kids have caught it, at least once, nothing to be ashamed of and does not reflect badly on hygiene level at your home, bla, bla bla….

If this is the case why people seem to become so disgusted when they hear about them and are reluctant to share their discovery with others?

It seems to reflect on our inability to deal with this plague. Lice has a bad connotation (poverty, dirt, neglect, etc) and it is hard to change this perception.

Where there is big concentration of kids (6-12) there is risk of lice. Rich or poor it does not discriminate.

I think lice is so hard to eliminate because combing every day for 20 minutes does not fit into our busy schedules…..

So even if yo udo it faithfully for your own child there will be always people with less time and more urgent tasks to do.

Next time i find them on our heads I will try to be more relaxed. Nothing to do but accepting it is a part of begin a parent.


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