Have your own busy agenda and a mobile phone.


You play #Roblox in your ipad (or your parents)

Parents drive you (or bike with you)  to football, swimming, hockey, or skating (up to 3 times per week).They are there for you, wait at the sideline and clap for you.

You can also choose to go to music or language classes in addition to sports (for the rest see above)

You get many presents at any occasion (birthday, Christmas, Santa, good grades, etc.). Clothes or any other items like school things are not cosidered presents.

You are more likely to be friends with those classmates whose parents are also friends. If  parents are not friends it is more unlikely that you will become friends.

Making play dates with your friends needs to be confirmed with parents. Parents have  whatsapp contact with each other and make appointments for play dates, going to the movies or other fun activities.

Spontaneous play dates can be made  only when your mate lives close by and is your neighbour. You can then drop by spontaneously.

Parents of your best friends are usually also friends with each other.


How very, very different to when you were a 10 year old in the 70s…..




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