Long long time ago

I can still remember how

that music used to make me smile

(American Pie, D. Mc Lean)


Many years ago there was this girl who used to dream of Freedom. Of traveling around the world, chasing the unavailable.

Through dark years of lies and despair. With an innocent smile and passport in het pocket she went to conquer the World.

Although she did not know herself, she was determined to find out if the grass was greener on the other side.

So she went to the big City. She liked its dark corridors because they reminded her of Home.

In the City her dreams of freedom did not come true as she spent all her time waiting tables…..

Many years passed. Freedom arrived when she least expected it.

She finally found herself. A different story, different times.

So she went back one day to visit the first City and land of  dreams.

It seemed as if time has stopped…. The corridors that fascinated her remained basically the same.


Bare February branches


Everywhere she saw traces of yesterday, carefully cherished.

Beauty of  timeless design:



And she realized how the cycle endlessly repeats itself.

The Freedom she so cared about came with Responsibility. This crushed her to the extent of not always seeing that she had Choices.

Companions of Freedom.

Bye, bye Miss American Pie

Drove my Chevy to the levee but the levee was dry.

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