It is midsummer. Days are long and sun shines daily. The Girl is on holiday at her Grandma’s. It is so beautiful there:  a big garden  full of sweet smelling flowers and fruit trees.

The big tree in the backyard is heavy with nuts. Its branches hang down under the weight.

The Girl is standing under the tree with a basket in her hand.

I am going to pick up some nuts today, grandma will be happy –  she says to herself.

Little brown balls are easy to pick from the ground. The Girl fills her basket quickly.

Proudly she marches into the kitchen amd puts the basket on the table. Grandma, look here!

An old woman in blue apron turns around drying her hands.

Gosh, a basket full of nuts. Well done!  Let’s see.

Grandma takes a nut cracker and opens some of them. Little brown balls are rolling on the tablecloth.

I want to do it grandma, please let me – the Girl   takes nut cracker and starts to crack nuts, one by one. Some of them are full but many are empty. Hollow nut shells are heaping on the table.

Grandma says:

Tomorrow we will bake a cake with nuts! . Don’t worry about the empty ones just throw the shells away, will you- says Grandma.  I have to weed the carrots now. And she goes out to the garden.

The Girl finished cracking all the nuts. She put all nuts in a jar.

What was left on the table was a heap of empy  shells.They looked so useless and abandoned as they never had a nut ripening inside.

She wanted to throw them out just as grandma said but then she had a second thought.

Wait a minute. Some of these shells are perfect halves. Why not using them for something?

We needed more small cups to put the seeds in. So that they could sprout…..

It is a great idea! The Girl jumped up and looked thoroughly at the shells scattered before her on the table. She collected some that were suitable to be filled with earth.

Tehn she brought a handful of earth in a pot and a bag of seeds.

One by one she filled the empty shells with earth putting one seed into each.

When she had a full tray she poured water over them and put them away on a shelf  by the window.


At dinner    time she showed her tray proudly to Grandma.

Look what I have made! I put seeds in those little nut shells. We will have lots of flowers and veggies growing out of them!

Grandma smiled and patted het face.

You are very clever, my little girl. What a great idea. I think the shells are really small so the seeds will need to be put into bigger pots as soon as they germinate.

Oh that’s ok,grandma. I will wacht them, give water daily and when they are big enough I will plant them in the garden or in pots in my room.

A few weeks later the Girl had her hands full. Almost all seeds sprouted,  fresh and green.

Together with grandma she planted them out in vegetable  garden.

Coming back she saw empty shells  on the table.

They do not look so useless as before – thought the Girl as she put them away. No, they actually look happy that they helped to grow something that will be bigger than them! Never mind there were never any nuts in them in the first place. You can always think of other ways to make something meaningful.

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