Communist times Corona times
You had to que for hours for basic products like flour or butter. Regular flour is hard to get. You have to que at the supermarket because of corona measures (1,5 m distance).
People were anxious and suspicious out of fear. People are anxious and irritable.
Police could stop you everywhere, admonish for something insignificant and give you a fine. Police can stop you and tell you to go home while you are taking a walk at the beach.
You were not allowed to gather in groups and  plot against the authorities.  You are not allowed to form a group bigger than 2 people in the street (unless you are family).
Police kept your passport at all times and it was hard to travel freely. Even if you have your passport at home you still cannot travel due to corona measures.
People turned towards family and friends for support. Bonds between family and friends became closer because we are forced to stay together (lockdown) but also because we realize how important we are to each other.  
White and black, right and wrong thinking dominates (we against them). It’s us against the virus

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